Lok Smriti Sewa Sansthan

Lok Smriti Sewa Sansthan (LSSS) is non-profit organization based in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh that seeks to promote socio-economic and political development and to improve the life and quality standard of those in the deprived communities (especially women, children, blinds and HIV positive). LSSS activities are mainly aligned with an objective especially to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, to promoting gender equality and to empower women and to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Most of the programme activities are undertaken in collaboration with the community, allied system, NGOs and other international agencies to effectively and strategically address the issues mainly .

concerned with Women Empowerment and HIV/AIDS. LSSS facilitated the process of mobilizing the community for taking appropriate action with innovative ideas in regard with enhancing the People’s Participation for promoting Women Empowerment and Gender Equality with major emphasis on preventing HIV/AIDS. LSSS generates fund through Govt. Organizations, International donor agencies for effective implementation of its development programmes in the operational area.

LSSS has greater ability to work in collaboration with other NGOs and has been able to implement the programmes in partnerships with the local NGOs. It also provides support services to other NGOs at the grass roots level. It has been in support role with various organizations in its targeted areas. Though LSSS is not having any formal collaboration with any network but it has been getting the cooperation from the network of grassroots level NGOs in terms of resource sharing. .

Organizations working on the issues related to women empowerment, child trafficking, community based development programmes, forest management and poverty alleviation have been extending their timely cooperation to LSSS Meantime LSSS is a project partner of Uttar Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (UPSACS) and Uttar Pradesh Participatory Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation Project (UPPFMPAP) with forest department. Organization is moving ahead to seek more cooperation and partnership with the other national and international organizations working for the social-economic and political empowerment of the community living in a dismal condition.

LSSS Vision

To develop a system of comprehensive care and support to reduce the incidence of HIV epidemic and atrocities against women in different forms in the area of operation.

LSSS Mission

To accelerate the socio-economic development of poor communities specially woman, children, blinds and HIV positive people through their active participation and encouraging collective decision making towards establishment of an exploitation-free, self-reliant society.

LSSS Objective

To develop a system of comprehensive care for poor woman children and HIV positive people. To reduce the incidence of HIV epidemic in the area of operation. To create public awareness regarding Pollution Environment General-Health Sanitation Blindness Cancer Handicapped etc. To train around 20 personnel annually to help those who are fighting against HIV/AIDS. To increase woman leadership in local area. To act as a "Model" which can be emulated.

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